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Four years, two degrees in Engineering from China and Australia

Australian Monash University
China Central South University and Wuhan University of Technology

The 2+2 program

Engineering students study 2 years in China and 2 years in Australian for their tertiary education. The first 2 years of the program are delivered by Wuhan University of Technology and Central South University in China starting in September each year. Upon meeting requirements, students will transfer to Level 3 at Monash University in Australia for the final 2 years.

Students successfully completed of this program will be eligible for both the Bachelor of Engineering degree from Monash University which is accredited by the Institution of Engineers, Australia and the Bachelor degree from the Wuhan University of Technology and Central South University, which are accredited by the Ministry of Education of China. The two degrees and the world-wide reputation of both universities will allow graduates to find a broad range of work places in Australia, China and around the world.


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Monash and WUT students

Xin Huang arrived at Monash in March 2005 with 2+2 undergraduate program in the Department of Materials Engineering. Xin Huang is one of the first students to partake in the 2+2 undergraduate program and is very excited to be amongst this group of Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) transfer students.

Xin Huang was fortunate enough to be selected by Rio Tinto to undertake a ten week winter vacation work experience program beginning in December 2005. Here Xin Huang was assigned to the Carbon MRU in Bell Bay, Tasmania, and had to undertake numerous challenging tasks. Upon completion of the required tasks, Xin had to present his finding to the General Manager of Bell Bay as well as a number of other section managers. This proved to be very successful, and all members were pleased with the results.

“I arrived in Launceston and began my work experience from the 5th of December 2005. Life was really hard at the beginning, however as time progressed my situation got better and better. I completed all my tasks successfully and successfully presented my findings to the General Manager and other section managers. Those memorable days have past, and I now realise how much I have learnt. I am a now guy now from every aspect, and it has really changed me a lot!”, he said

Xin Huang received an offer from Rio Tinto, which invites him to take the position of “Development Engineer” after finishing his degree. The company also offered him $AUD5000 scholarship for the final year of his degree. Xin is now graduated from Monash University and heading to Rio Tinto to take the position early next year.

In 2006, Rio Tinto offered four vacation scholarships to our 2+2 students.

Monash University English Language Centre (MUELC)

Student who do not meet the English language requirement for direct entry into the Bachelor of Engineering (Year 3 and 4) at Monash University, may be eligible to undertake an English language course at MUELC.

There is the English Language Bridging program for students with a conditional offer for Monash University. If you do not meet the entry requirements for the English Language Bridging program, you may be able to study the English for Tertiary Preparation which prepares you to re-sit the IELTS exam in Melbourne, Australia.

English Language Course Dates:

Living in Melbourne Australia

Want to know more about living in Melbourne and the life in Australia? The following link gives you an overall picture of the place that you will spend two years to complete your Bachelor of Engineering degree and perhaps postgraduate studies thereafter:


There are two main accommodation options:

  1. Living on-campus can be great for students who have never lived out of home before and wish to be very close to the University. Monash Residential Services offers a wide range of on-campus accommodation at six Monash campuses.

  2. Off-campus provides more opportunity to learn about living independently and sharing responsibility with other people


Any questions or concerns? Want to know more about Engineering at Monash? Please contact Jane Sun, International Officer, Phone:+61 3 9905 1138.


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